New Day, New Time: Semi-Private Pilates at Satori

Hey Pilates peeps!

My Semi-Private Pilates Mat Class at Satori is rocking over to Tuesday and Thursday starting August 20th.  The time will also shift from 12 to 12:15.

I know, so many changes — but this means no class cancellations on holiday weekends (yay!) and more open changing rooms to make your transition from work to class and back again, easy and efficient.

Photo by Alli Novak, May 2010

Grasshopper by Alli Novak, May 2010

What stays the same? My personal blend of humor, nuance, and deep body knowledge applied to the Pilates method, the super small class size (no more than 6 students) and all the personal attention that comes with it. You’ll explore your body through movement and leave class feeling longer, stronger, and more energized.  Sign up online here or call (415) 618-0418 to book your spot.


“Cue-tie”: Eyes in the back of your head

Greeting Pilatistas!

I’m starting a collection of my favorite cues and images, aka “Cue-ties,” to help you get the most out of your Pilates practice, both in and out of the studio. Enjoy!

This week’s “cue-tie” is unapologetically stolen from the illustrious Madeline Black. I had the privilege of attending her Pilates for Scoliosis course at Pilates on Tour last month and this little nugget is just one of the many I picked up at the conference.

Look out through the eyes in the back of your head. 

In our culture of computers, smart phones, books, television, etc. it’s a not surprising that the forward head posture has become pandemic. As a Pilates teacher, it’s literally my job to help people bring their bodies back into balance, so I’m always looking for new ways to coax my clients out of this posture.

What I love about this image is that not only does it align their posture, but it also shifts their focus to a more body-mind directive. Less analytical and more experiential. A place where they can let the natural intelligence of their body lead the movement.

Even better – it’s not specific to Pilates. Try looking out through the eyes in the back of your head next time you’re in front of your computer (i.e. right now) and see if you can’t sit up a little taller and easier.

“You have to in da air to out da air”…

If you are reading this, you are most likely a living, breathing human being (or perhaps you are a trolling spam-bot;). We inhale and exhale all day long, even in our sleep. So, it shouldn’t be surprising that we breathe when we exercise too.


Photo by Alli Novak, May 2010

Am I breathing right?

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The Pilates Menagerie (Cats, Parakeets, and Grasshoppers, oh my!!)

Photo by Alli Novak, May 2010

Joseph Pilates spent much of his youth studying the movement of animals as a way of understanding movement is his own body. In his book, Return to Life through Contrology, he describes the intent of his method: “It was conceived to limber and stretch muscles so that your body will be as supple as that of a cat.”  As a result many of the exercises are named after animals and even insects. Here I am channelling my inner grasshopper on a physio-ball. The physio-ball may not be part of the original Pilates apparatus, but it is a great way to add dynamic movement to the Mat work. Plus, it’s super fun! Continue reading

Round one of my Pilates photo shoot with Alli Novak!

Open Leg Rocker Stretch

Photo by Alli Novak, 2010

Photo by Alli Novak, 2010

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