Breathe in…bliss out: a Yoga Tune Up® Workshop

Date: Sunday, July 27th, 2014

Time: 1-3 pm

Cost: $45 (includes a set of Yoga Tune Up® Balls)



To all those who use their bodies (and their minds) too much or too little (or somehow both) come and join me at Satori Yoga Studio for an afternoon of self-care and restoration.

Starting at our feet, we will roll our way through all the micro-regions of our bodies with the Yoga Tune Up® Therapy Balls and unwind tension from our joints and tissues. Our full-body ‘rolling’ session will be completed with a guided breathing meditation which will allow you to experience a state of deep, conscious relaxation. You will leave feeling refreshed in body, mind and spirit.

No Yoga or rolling experience necessary. Students of all levels are welcome!

Sign up online at or call 415.618.0418.


New Day, New Time: Semi-Private Pilates at Satori

Hey Pilates peeps!

My Semi-Private Pilates Mat Class at Satori is rocking over to Tuesday and Thursday starting August 20th.  The time will also shift from 12 to 12:15.

I know, so many changes — but this means no class cancellations on holiday weekends (yay!) and more open changing rooms to make your transition from work to class and back again, easy and efficient.

Photo by Alli Novak, May 2010

Grasshopper by Alli Novak, May 2010

What stays the same? My personal blend of humor, nuance, and deep body knowledge applied to the Pilates method, the super small class size (no more than 6 students) and all the personal attention that comes with it. You’ll explore your body through movement and leave class feeling longer, stronger, and more energized.  Sign up online here or call (415) 618-0418 to book your spot.

Ode to the Mighty Wunda Chair

The Wunda Chair is small, but mighty.

Like all of the other large Pilates apparatus, you can exercise on the Wunda Chair while sitting, lying on the back, belly, or side, standing, and weight bearing into the arms. The difference? A matter of size. With the small dimensions of the Wunda Chair –  even lying down becomes an act of defying gravity.

Need a visual? Here’s some awesome vintage (1936!) footage of Joseph Pilates himself and a few of his star students enjoying a sunny afternoon with the Wunda Chair:

Curious to try for yourself? Book a session with me here.

“You have to in da air to out da air”…

If you are reading this, you are most likely a living, breathing human being (or perhaps you are a trolling spam-bot;). We inhale and exhale all day long, even in our sleep. So, it shouldn’t be surprising that we breathe when we exercise too.


Photo by Alli Novak, May 2010

Am I breathing right?

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The Pilates Menagerie (Cats, Parakeets, and Grasshoppers, oh my!!)

Photo by Alli Novak, May 2010

Joseph Pilates spent much of his youth studying the movement of animals as a way of understanding movement is his own body. In his book, Return to Life through Contrology, he describes the intent of his method: “It was conceived to limber and stretch muscles so that your body will be as supple as that of a cat.”  As a result many of the exercises are named after animals and even insects. Here I am channelling my inner grasshopper on a physio-ball. The physio-ball may not be part of the original Pilates apparatus, but it is a great way to add dynamic movement to the Mat work. Plus, it’s super fun! Continue reading